Eternalize Your Pet In A Diamond.
Take A Lasting Reminder Of Them Wherever You Go

Heart In Diamond creates stunningly beautiful diamonds from your pets fur or ashes so you can hold on to your special memories of them — forever.
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How Does Heart In Diamond Create Beautiful Diamonds from Your Pets Fur or Ashes?
We follow a simple, 5-step process to turn pet ashes or fur into diamonds giving you lasting memories of your them. Including a lock of your own hair will give you that continued sense of unity.
  1. Select your memorial diamond
  2. Select your setting (over 500 to choose from)
  3. Send us your pets fur or ashes
  4. Our laboratory turns that fur or ashes into diamonds
  5. Receive your personal diamond

Our kind and compassionate consultants guide you hand-in-hand through the process. They’ll stay in constant contact with you. You’ll feel special, loved, and valued.

I'm so pleased with my ring just what I wanted and wished for. Anita was simply amazing heart in diamond would not be the same with out her she's a genuine soul that gets the pain we are all going threw and from my heart I'm so greatfull to her. Thank you Anita! My dad would of loved you.

Jodie, UK
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Step 1: Select Your Memorial Diamond without Any Concerns

First, you’ll choose your diamond
All cremation diamonds are laboratory grown over a period of just months in our own production facility.

When you lose a pet we get that and that is why you will get a service that is second to none. A one to one relationship giving you a point to point contact at any time.

When you decide that a custom grown diamond is the only way to honor your pet we are here to take you throught the journey.

If possible, our consultants will even come to visit you in person. We understand your home is private and also that you'd like to know who you are dealing this so we offer as much visibility as we can. You have the option for a face to face consultation via Skype or Facetime.

Orange - Yellow
Yellow - Green
Deep Red
Deep Red
Weight options

Care and compassion is second nature to us and that is passed onto all of our clients and our testimonies speak for themselves.

We were never big supporters of the highly regulated diamond industry that gives the general public the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable. We believe that what gives an item value is the history and what that item means to us personally. Purchasing a diamond from the store neither has a meaningful history nor does it have any personal attachment to us. Heart In Diamond has changed the diamond industry and has made diamonds really worth something valuable. Read more...

Kenneth, Nikki and our furry son, Orchid, USA
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Step 2: Select Your Setting from Over 500 Elegant Styles

There’s a perfect setting in our selection that fits your most cherished memories of the pet that shared a part of your soul.

When you order your setting and diamond, you receive a special identification number. This number tracks the status of your diamond throughout the creation process. We have a simple system that eliminates complicated logistics chains.

Setting prices do not include your diamond. All diamonds are priced separately.


I would like to thank Anita for going out of her way to deliver my ring before my wedding. My mother passed in November last year and I wanted something beautiful to signify her. It took lots of phone calls and emails but I finally settled on a beautiful yellow diamond made into a heart shaped ring. I am so happy with this and makes me feel that my Mum is going to be with me on my special day. Thank you Anita for making this these hard times not so hard. Many thanks

Domini, UK
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Step 3: Send Us Your Pets Fur or Ashes to Turn into Diamonds

Now that you’ve chosen your diamond and setting, it’s time to provide some of your pets remains.

Our laboratory specialists need ⅔ cup (or about 3.5 oz.) of cremated ashes or ½ cup (or about 0.07 oz.) of fur for each order you’d like. You can combine both samples.

If you don’t have the precise amount of fur/hair or ashes available, don’t worry. Your memorial diamond can easily be created with additional generic carbon.

We are very appreciative of the excellent customer service we experienced from Claire McHan, as referenced above. We learned of the services offered by Heart­In­Diamond after the suicide of our only son last November. She explained the process used to preserve a combination of our son’s ashes with locks of hair from my husband and myself as well as from each of his sisters in the creation of individual stones which we have now had set in rings that each one of us can keep as a tangible living memorial of someone we loved very dearly. Claire was always available when we had questions or concerns, and if there were any questions for which she did not have the answers she always took it upon herself to find out those answers and deliver them promptly to us. We would recommend her services to anyone who is considering Heart­In­Diamond for whatever their particular desire may be. Yours sincerely

John and Sandra, USA
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Step 4: Creation of Your Diamonds Made from Ashes or Fur.

In this step of the process, you get to relax. You don’t have to do anything while our specialists create your diamond in our production facility.

Our consultants stay in constant contact with you during every step. You’ll know exactly how your diamond is doing during its entire journey. You can also visit this special tracking link to get online updates of your diamond’s progress.

Depending on the color you choose, expect a wait of 70 — 120 days. In the memorial diamond industry, this is the guaranteed fastest production time available.

Other companies take 5 months longer to produce a diamond of the exact same quality and color. We’re able to reduce production time dramatically because we’re the only memorial diamond company that owns our own production facility that turns cremated ashes into diamonds. Every other company outsources this process to a third party.

Turning Your Loved One’s Ashes into Diamonds: Step 1
Step 1

When you order your diamond, it receives a special identification number. That unique ID number gets assigned to your case container.

It’s used to track the progress of your diamond as it grows, guaranteeing it stays safe and secure during the entire creation process.

Step 1
Step 2
Turning Your Loved One’s Ashes into Diamonds: Step 2
Step 2

When our specialists receive your sample, they perform an analysis. After completing the analysis, the carbon in your sample is extracted and added to the diamond growing foundation.

From this, a 100% unique diamond grows.

Turning Your Loved One’s Ashes into Diamonds: Step 3
Step 2

The mixture created in step 2 is placed in a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machine. This machine mimics the process diamonds go through when they grow naturally in the Earth’s crust.

Your diamond gets placed under an intense pressure of 60,000 atmospheres and an extreme temperature of 3,632°F!

Step 3
Step 4
Turning Your Loved One’s Ashes into Diamonds: Step 4
Step 2>

When your diamond finishes growing, our specialists polish and cut it to meet the same industry grading standards that govern natural diamonds. Your diamond is 100% real and receives a grade according to the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

On Sunday I received my stunningly beautiful green diamond ring in memory of my beloved Mum, who passed away in March. The Heart in Diamond team have been extraordinary in helping me through this process - especially Anita; nothing has ever been too much trouble and she has been wit  me through every step with support and understanding. Such personal and caring service. Huge thanks also to their fantastic jeweller, Simon, who has done so much t  ensure my ring was perfect. I'm grateful to you all. Mum would be so happy with the green, as she loved nature and she sent me to see the Northern lights just before she passed. My sincere thanks to everyone.

Sue, UK
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Step 5: Receive Your Personal Diamond And Forever Enjoy Lasting Memories Always

When possible, our consultants deliver you your treasured diamond in person. If not, you’ll receive it from an authorized courier.

During the shipping process, your diamond is fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about damage or loss.

You’ll have a tangible reminder to help you cherish the most important moments with your loyal companion.

The Lowest Price For Your Precious Memorial Diamond. 100% Guaranteed.

We offer you the best price for your diamond you’ll find anywhere. Unlike every other memorial diamond producer, we make your diamond in our own production facility. That’s what allows us to be the most competitively priced.

Our «Price Match Guarantee» means we’ll beat any competitor if you do find a memorial diamond with a lower price.

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ABOUT Heart In Diamond

Heart In Diamond is based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. Our US office is located near Athen, Georgia, about an hour away from Atlanta.

We’ve been in business turning human and pet ashes and hair or fur into memorial diamonds for more than 9 years. Even though they’re grown in a laboratory, our diamonds from ashes are 100% identical to naturally mined diamonds.

We’re the only ashes to diamonds producer with our own diamond production facility. Every other company in the industry outsources their production to a third party. This means we guarantee you get your diamond months faster than you would with any other company, and you are guaranteed to pay the lowest prices available.

Because they’re grown in laboratories, turning ashes into diamonds is a guaranteed «conflict-free» process. And no damage is ever done to the environment.

Our consultants have all experienced tragic and difficult losses in their lives — just like you we are all pet owners. Our kindness, compassion, and empathy shines through in every interaction. When possible, we’re happy to show you diamonds in person, and even deliver them ourselves straight to your door.

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